She is no longer here...

She is no longer here…

The one who filtered her inner child since she was a little girl. 
The one who second-guessed her inner voice in order to allow someone else to keep their distorted view.
The one who was insecure about her nose, her hair, her feet, and her color. 
The one who forced herself into crowded spaces when she had a space on the throne. 
The one who hid behind a fake smile to hide her pain. 
The one who raced to nurture others but kept herself amused with pain, fear, turmoil, and self-hate. 
The one who would do just about anything to see the ones she loved to smile.
The one who didn’t like change because she was used to the dysfunction and stunted growth.
The one who used her imagination while daydreaming to escape her reality but never allowed her desires to truly manifest. 

The one who hid her gifts

The one who didn't give herself enough credit.

The one who didn't value her own worth.

The one who sought validation.
The one felt she wasn't good enough and wasn't for sure she ever would be.
The one who was afraid to expose her faults and mistakes. 
The one who would gossip in order to not think about her own bullshit. 
The one who couldn’t feel God but knew so much about religion. 
The one who kept her mind in a box with the limited views and opinions of others. 
The one who felt sorry for herself.
The one who played the victim in just about every episode of her life. 
The one who was afraid of being alone. 
The one who had a voice but was afraid to use it at times.
The one who played hero to everyone but herself.

The one who was afraid to shine.

Yeah her… she is no longer here. I haven't seen her around lately. The thing is you look just like her, but your smile is different. 
Your glow is flawless.
Your laugh is a treat
You’re wiser
You’re stronger
You’re divine
Your love is displayed beautifully…