Long Live King Ermias ‘Nipsey Hussle’ Asghedom

When I think of Nipsey, I think of pride. The pride that I don’t have to lay down.The pride that you can tip your hat off to. Although I did not know Nipsey personally, he was definitely a young Tupac for me and I LOVE TUPAC! I wasn’t in the know when Nipsey was slangin his CDs from his trunk. I got wind of his Victory Lap interviews with him dropping words of wisdom. I immediately was drawn to him. Soon after I went and googled the lyrics to his songs and read his prior interviews with Complex Magazine. It felt like I was picking his brain and I love to pick brains… or I should say interesting brains. I love music and especially Hip-hop songs that have meaning. Nipsey’s music has meaning. His music provokes my thoughts. The lyrics resonate with me. They gave me hope.Nah, I wasn’t a gang-banger but I can relate to some of his struggles. I lost my father to gun violence. I almost lost my brother to gang violence as well, so I bob my head with excitement knowing that he made it.

 Being an author who just published my first book, who is just learning how to market; I listen to Nipsey and it is a breath of fresh air. Here was someone who started with nothing. He was not in a race; he was on his own “marathon,” He made it! He said, “Only distinguishing quality I didn’t quit... I went through every emotion, with trying to pursue what I’m doing." My hope and motivation had increased as soon as I heard him say that statement. When I read that he had read books that I had read such as Plato, 48 Laws of Power, I was like " Oh shoot! (In excitement). "He also read a book called Three Magic Words by Uell Anderson. I made sure I ordered that ASAP! He followed Dr. Sebi and boy do I love me some Dr. Sebi (he was one of the motivations for going vegan almost two yrs ago.). I just felt so happy, I now had Tupac and Nipsey.

 I was WOW’d because there was another black King I could learn from, just as I did Tupac. He is another King who inspired me and motivated me. Here was another King who I would shout out the lyrics to his songs like I lived that life with him. BUT most importantly here was that King who shared something meaningful, something that could never expire and that was his dedication to his people. Here was someone I could tell my three young sons about.

 When I saw that “Breaking News” notification pop up on my phone that he had been shot, I started praying and then not moments after another notification stating he was gone from this life physically. I was so sad, and my heart ached especially for his loved ones. I have always been a fan of the lovely Lauren, and my heart ached for her so much. When I see Black Love popping, I get that energetic feeling of pride yet again. I love that feeling!

 Nipsey helped my faith on days when I needed a boost.

 My daughters, niece and little sister did not know why his death was affecting them so much. I had to explain that when we lose someone great like that... A KING, we all feel it. Our spirits are connected when we find someone we can look up to. I had to tell them that it was okay for us to grieve.

 For whoever is reading this, if Nipsey touched you in any kind of way, please keep that torch burning and go forward. Keep hitting your goals and making those dreams come true. I know I am.

Long Live King Nipsey Hussle.

"Spoke some things into the universe and they appeared/I say it's worth it, I won't say it's fair/Find your purpose or you wastin' air…"