Forgive me...

BEAUTIFUL SOULS! Forgive me for being late.I had so many excuses as to why it took me so long to share my gift of writing with the world...from being a mother, wife, mentor to so many girls, paralegal and yada, yada, yada! BUT I finally said no more excuses. I finally decided not to be a victim of “Sacrifice” when it came to my dreams of being an Author. The thing about my passion for writing is that it would keep me up at night or wake me up out my sleep to scribble a dream down or suddenly get hot palms at work while several phrases would pop in my head. I was born to write. While I gained, several different titles in my 37 years of life, being blessed with creativity with words were a gift by the Divine. I ask that you forgive me for my tardiness, but I am ready now. I am ready to change my part of the world with my words.

OOH GIRL… is the first of many books. OOH GIRL… is a romantic drama filled with love, laughter and suspense. It is that Twin-Flame romance that is rare and real-life issues that some are too afraid to speak about.

While you read OOH GIRL… you should know I am preparing something a little witchy for you to read next. Stay tuned.

Are you ready?


Author Brenda K. Thomas


Hello BEAUTIFUL SOULS! Thank you for visiting. Here you will get my raw thoughts. Not always pretty thoughts but mind provoking and maybe life-changing thoughts. As a writer I get to be myself in raw form, completely unscripted and never filtered. 

Today I thought...Wonder if I wasn't so nervous about the world finally getting to know me as an author? My answer...Be patient, day by day I will get more comfortable and each day I will get to share a little more of me. 

Confession: I was a hoarder of all feelings. The good, bad and ill ones. I learned to release the bad and ill ones. They cluttered my mind. I write them in pages and twist them into a world of Fiction. Creativity with words is my passion. I recently published my first book OOH GIRL... I can't wait for you to read it.

Author Brenda K. Thomas