I Ask The Universe About You...

I’ve been asking the Universe about you...the one that I just happened to bump into. Bound from our first encounter, and we didn't even shake hands on it first. What is this I ask? I’ve asked that question for years now...what is this? You woke my soul up from a deep slumber and now I can’t get it back to sleep and it sure won’t rest without you. I cry the tears blue...without you…

I felt it was a selfish trick for the Universe to play... allow us to meet then take it away...but not too far away… because I am allowed to hear your voice but I can’t touch you. I am allowed to read your words but can’t grasp them in the physical...I miss you. Yet the ego has a hell of a way of limiting me on how much I tell you and I am sure your ego must be on that too. I whisper…please, love just let me be. 

It feels good to love you, though, and it hurts me when I fight it. So I stopped fighting. It hurts when your prance on my heart the way you do and then I speak good vibes out into the universe for you. I call your name three times, and the pain ceases and I am back to smiling at you and me. Then the Universe sends me love letters from you, asking me to remember you and me. Then out of the blue, you appear again, forcing me to show you where your heart is in me. But you never take it back you always leave it right here. I get a little more hope. I get a little more excited...I get a little more ambition...healed...lifted... 

Then there is another lesson that we must learn. Another obstacle we must face and I am left swinging...but then I get it. I conquer the lesson and I run out to the Universe, waving my hand saying look...I did it and ask is it time yet? I wait...I wait...I wait… 

I’ve been asking the Universe about you...Then…
111,222,333,444,1010,1111,1212 shows up again for the fifteenth-hundredth time…

The Power Of Affirmations

Often I wonder... Do I have what it takes? Often I second guess myself. Often I wonder am I good enough. 

I have to remind myself that it's ok not to be right because I know I can explore the right answer in the lesson. It's ok not to be perfect, but I will continue working on being "Perfectly" ME. It's okay not to have it all together as long as I work toward completion. 

I AM a queen
I AM a leader
I AM a goddess
I AM A National best-selling book author
I AM a healer
I am healthy.
I wealthy
I AM...
Tell yourself all that you are even if you don't quite see it yet. It is coming! 


Hello BEAUTIFUL SOULS! Thank you for visiting. Here you will get my raw thoughts. Not always pretty thoughts but mind provoking and maybe life-changing thoughts. As a writer I get to be myself in raw form, completely unscripted and never filtered. 

Today I thought...Wonder if I wasn't so nervous about the world finally getting to know me as an author? My answer...Be patient, day by day I will get more comfortable and each day I will get to share a little more of me. 

Confession: I was a hoarder of all feelings. The good, bad and ill ones. I learned to release the bad and ill ones. They cluttered my mind. I write them in pages and twist them into a world of Fiction. Creativity with words is my passion. I recently published my first book OOH GIRL... I can't wait for you to read it.

Author Brenda K. Thomas